Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A couple of local explorations

This last Saturday, April 11 was a stormy day. After I finished doing my taxes (yes, I procrastinate!) I decided to wonder down to San Xavier to see how far they've gotten with the restoration and to take a couple of photos with nice clouds in the background and perhaps a rainbow. I saw a rainbow on the way down but did not catch one over the mission. The west tower of the church has been restored, the east tower needs restoration. The work done so far is beautifully done as can be seen in this photo:

I took a few photos and am happy with a few of them.

The next day, Easter, I decided to drive up to Globe to see what I could find to photograph. I figured there would still be some clouds around and Globe-Miami is on US 60 so perhaps there would be some vintage motel signs similar the the ones I found along the same road near Wickenburg last week. I had also read that they now have a steam train in Globe that takes riders out the the Apache Casino so I thought I'd check that out. It was an interesting outing, they weren't running the steam engine on the train because it was being fixed but I did see the train and the steam engine. I wondered around the area and took a few photos, I thought this image was a good juxtaposition of the image of Geronimo and the sign for the El Ray Motel:

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