Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Brief update

I guess I'm not a very good blogger! I'll try to do a bit better than one post every 14 months!

I've been doing quite a bit of photography lately, I was in Alaska last September and Yosemite a couple of weeks ago. I have been playing around lately with some new ideas and some new equipment. For example, when I was in Yosemite, I photographed an Incense Cedar tree and thought it would look good in low contrast black and white. The result was this:

I think I'll try this sort of low contrast shot with lots of fine detail more often, perhaps with other kinds of trees around southern Arizona. I might try using a telephoto lens to compress space so I can get a lot of trees in one shot.

Another thing that has been fun is my ultra wide angle lens I bought for my camera (Sigma 10-20mm). The distortion and wide field effects look amazing sometimes. Here is a photo I took in downtown Tucson on Sunday of a handrail for a series of steps:

Click on the pictures to see full size versions. I'll try to do some experiments this weekend.....

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